Building / Assembly services:

Not all HAM’s do have the skills or possibility to build or assemble a kit themselves. For those HAM’s we offer our building or assembling services. Especially the conversion from rotor controllers can become big challenge for some HAM’s.

Design services:

Most of our products are based on proven concepts, but since HAM radio is all about experimenting and learning we realize that our products occasionally do no meet your requirements. For those HAM’s we offer a limited design services on electronic circuits, software and mechanical. E.g., if you would like to have some adjustments or additions in the software of our Arduino based products. Or you have some hardware requirements. Please let us know and we will make you an offer.

This also applies our antennas. So special brackets, adjustments to the coils or other mechanic parts can possibly be offered as a customized solution. Just ask us. For a service request you can use the Service Request Form below.

Service request form

    Please fill out this form as completely and clearly as possible.
    The subject of your requested service
    Please describe your requested service below. If possible, add a sketch, schematic diagram or pictures

    Please allow us time to investigate your requirements in terms of feasibility. We will contact you in case of questions or send you an offer by email.

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