HF-MBV7 portable antenna


GAP-25  – Ground anchor pin 25cm
CPD-8P  – Counterpoise kit
CPW-8W  – Counterpoise Wire kit for 40,20,15 and 10m band (8 Wires)
MP-50A  – Mastparts (2 pieces)
MBC-90-kit  – Center load coil 7 bands
Top capacity  – Caphat
Matching coil  – Carrying bag 55cm. This bag can be used to fit one HF-MBV7

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    The HF-MBV7 is an excellent HF antenna for portable use. Due to its small size, when it is disassembled, it can be carried in a backpack, in your suitcase, (motor)bike and car. The antenna covers a width frequency range from 40m to 10m band (and so all HAM and even CB band in between) and if using the cap-hat, the SWR is flat and below 1:1.2 over the entire selected band. This is only possible if you use the associated counterpoise dish with the wire-radials. In case you can’t use the wire-radials a metal counterpoise (like e.g., a car) should be at least 8m2. Thanks to the use of the cap-hat less induction is needed to get the antenna in resonance on the required band. This has an enormous positive influence on the efficiency. The max. recommended RF power rating for the HF-MBV7 is 120W PEP. The max height is approx. 4.5m

    Although the HF-MBV7 is not build for permanent outdoor use, the mechanical is made without concessions. And so it will certainly increase the fun of using this antenna for POTA, IOTA, SOTA activities or at your holidays location.

    Our Multiband Vertical antenna has been developed for SOTA, POTA and IOTA operations. We strongly believe in products with the best possible performance against the portability, rather than offering cosmetic good-looking products that do not meet the performance expectations.

    Since we are constantly adjusting our design, based on the feedback op customers, some parts may change somehow. 3D printing of several parts makes it easy to adopt change request very easy and quickly. Our products are printed from PLA filament. We are aware the PLA is not the best material if it comes to weather- and sun-resistibility. On the other hand, PLA can be made much more durable when painted, protecting it from the elements. Biodegradable and recycling put PLA above PETG. PLA eventually returns to its natural components if left outside for a long, long time. But this is not the purpose of our portable antennas. They are meant for HAM radio field days and expeditions. But for holidays also. They can be carried easily on bike, motorbike, hiking and of course in the car.

    And of course, that will work fine in the rain or sun. All metals we use are silverplated copper, gold plated, stainless steel, tinplated or brass.

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    The Netherlands

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