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Hello there, and welcome to my homepage!

My name is Fokko, HAM callsign PA3VOS. For more than 43 years now I am a full licensed HAM Radio Amateur.

From the beginning till now I have always been active with developing and building of HAM Radio stuff. I explored almost any HAM band and modes and so my building-experience and knowledge is not limited to just one special band or technic.

Over the years I collected more tools, equipment and knowledge to be able to make my projects. Regardless if they were antennas or radio hardware and interfaces.



    As a professional I worked as Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Architect and Strategic Purchaser in many different industries. Later I used my contacts for my own business. Since 4 years I am disabled for work and do have lots of time to spend on our beautiful hobby. I had the time to develop and building new products. The search for an advanced antenna rotator controller brought me in contact with Eugenio EA7HG 5 years ago. I built Visual Rotor and faced a lack of good and readable documentation. I offered Eugenio my help to improve this, which he accepted with open arms. And that was the start of a good business relationship as well a good friendship!

    Besides Visual Rotor I also developed a very good portable multiband HF antenna as an alternative for the Chinese PAC12 and JPC7.
    On my Website you will find many pictures of my projects.

    Although I don’t have any commercial interest anymore in these products I can supply you some kits for several rotor brands. This will help you to start modifying your own antenna rotor controller to a real Visual Rotor.

    And if you are interested in my portable antenna, which I called the HF-MBV7, just let me know!

    For more information please send me an email! It’s my pleasure to help you…

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